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Cuba Film Production Services
                  Cuban Film Production, Television Service Provider, Music Video Production
About Cuba Film
About Us


Cuba Fim Productions is the largest independent supplier of equipment, crews and production support for feature film, television, commercials, music video and high-fashion photography in Cuba.

Cuba Film Production Services
Our Services


Cuban film permits and visas, scouting Cuba film locations, Cuban film crew and equipment rentals. We bring together a wide range of expertise to assist with any film production needs.

Cuba Film Clients
Our Clients


As Cuba's oldest independent producers, Cuba Film Productions have been fixers, line-producers and co-producers on the most prominent foreign productions to have ever graced the Island.

Contact Cuba Film Productions
Contact Us


Whether conducting pre-production research, budgeting a potential project, scouting locations or ready to move forward on a shoot, we are standing by to suport and help you with your needs.

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