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Cuba Film Productions - Services

Our staff in Cuba have worked with countless foreign production companies all over the world in helping them bid their projects, scout locations, attain filming authorization and permits, secure cast and crew and orchestrate your entire production needs from start to finish.

Cuba Film Casting
Cuba Film Equipment, Cuba Film Crew
Cuba Film Permits, Cuba Film Locations
Film Equipment in Cuba


Cuba Film provides film and broadcast producers with the latest equipment rentals. We offer the the top names in camera, lighting  and grip equipment to meet all your needs - Arri, Sony, RED, Panasonic, Canon and Kino lighting, Chapman and Fisher dollies; Technocranes, remote heads, camera cars, as well as access to the most advanced post-production resources. We offer the best equipment and technical support available in Cuba and provide outstanding service to each and every client.

Film Casting in Cuba

With a broad spectrum of ethnic groups to choose from, Cuba Film can offer a cast for almost any scene. Our partner casting agencies will provide all the extras and actors you may need, from top theatre actors to extras and look-a-likes. Most importantly, the fees for local talent are especially attractive. The cost of talent buy-outs compares favorably with European and American markets.

Whether casting for a feature film and a commerical modeling shoot, Cuba Film can provide you with the talent you need, when you need it. They'll be on time because we're on top of things.


Film Crews in Cuba


The island of Cuba is fast becoming one of the hotspots of international production and the level of expertise reflects this. A strong, knowledgeable domestic industry combined with growing international interests has created an excellent infrastructure of professionals ready to answer all production needs.. Whether large motion picture crews or small indie film projects, Cuba film can provide your production with the leading filming crew in Cuba, including directors, cinematographers, camera operators, gaffers, sound operators, grips, hair and make-up, art directors and much more, at competitive rates.

Cuba Location Scouting


With a huge diversity of landscapes and filming locations, whether you are looking to film within the city of Havana, the diving paradise of Jardines de la Reina - "Gardens of the Queen", the historic town of colonial Trinidad or nearby slave plantation ruins, Cuba Film will secure the best filming location based on your requirements and budget. Cuba Film has the experience and experts to guide you through all of the stages of filming production in Cuba, from securing the film location to providing crew and equipment.

Cuba Film Permits


Cuba Film Productions can provide Cuban Film Permits to foreign nationals who are seeking to shoot in any region of Cuba. Whether it be government buildings, city streets, natural landmarks, private property, parks, resorts, waterways, or private homes, Cuba Film’s team can secure the permits and authorization needed to facilitate your needs. For those filmmakers who are unaccustomed to filming in Cuba, we can assist you to assure that you have the proper documentations in the region where you plan to film. Each location offers its unique requirement. We can be there for you each step of the way.

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