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Cuban Film Productions - About Us


Cuba Film Productions is a full-service production services company located in Cuba, with offices in Havana and Santiago de Cuba. Servicing overseas producers shooting in Cuba, we combine extensive local knowledge with international know-how and experience.



Serving the American, Latin and International film communities, Cuba Film Productions offers a unique blend of talent. Representing seasoned producers, directors, crews, and actors, Cuba Film draws from a rich pool of cross-cultural visions to provide a level of excellence to each and every project.


Cuba Film Productions started in 1993 to service international producers and productions shooting videos and films in Cuba. Today, the company represents the largest independent supplier of equipment, crews, and production support for feature film, television, commericals, music videos, documentaries and high-fashion photography in Cuba.


As Cuba's oldest independent producers, Cuba Film have been fixers, line-producers and co-producers on the most prominent foreign productions to have graced the Island. With over 30-years of filming experience, Cuba Film brings together the best talent that can be assembled to serve your production needs.


We facilitate the production process by providing film permits, budgets, location scouting, casting, customs brokerage, Fixer services, equipment and crews, no matter what the size of the production.


We have a long list of satisfied clients and we aim to make you one. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality within your budget. We can provide all elements of film and video production at any phase in the production process, from development to post production. We have a team of experienced filmmakers in Cuba who will work closely with you and your production team to ensure that you reach your creative goals.


Cuba Film Productions works as your gateway to film and television production services in Cuba -- an ideal solution for Producers and Directors who are looking to produce in this vibrant island region.

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